Access Map


From Shinjuku


Shinjuku >Sagami Ono>Mutsuai Nichidai Mae 560 Yen, about 60 minutes.

Odakyu Line>Odakyu Enoshima Line>Odakyu Enoshima Line


Take the Odakyu line from Shinjuku. You should take the Express train, however the Express train will not stop at Mutsuai Nichidai Mae. You will transfer one time close to your destination onto the local train. The optimal transfer station varies depending on scheduling. You may change at Yamato, Sagami Ono, or Machida station.


From Yokohama;


Yokohama>Fujisawa>Nichidai Mutsuai Mae 590 yen, about 40 minutes.

JR Tokaido Line>Odakyu Enoshima line.

The express train from Yokohama station does not stop at Fujisawa. Please only take local trains for both boardings.


Yokohama>Yamato>Mutsuai Nichidai Mae 510 yen, about 50 minutes

Sagami Railway>Odakyu Enoshima line.


From Tokyo Station;

Tokyo>Fujisawa>Mutsuai Nichidai Mae

JR Tokaido>Odakyu Enoshima line


Tokyo>Shinjuku>Sagami Ono>Mutsuai Nichidai Mae

Please use the JR Chuo line to reach Shinjuku, then follow the instructions above for reaching our campus from Shinjuku.


Tokaido Shinkansen to Shin-Yokohama


If you intend to arrive from a distance coming by the Tokaido Shinkansen to Shin-Yokohama, please follow this path;

Shin Yokohama>Machida>Sagami Ono>Mutsuai Nichidai Mae 580 yen, 55 minutes

JR Yokohama Line>Odakyu Line>Odakyu Enoshima Line



Tokaido Shinkansen Odawara

If you intend to arrive from a distance coming by the Tokaido Shinkansen to Odawara, please follow this path;


Odawara>Fujisawa>Mutsuai Nichidai Mae 760 Yen, about 50 minutes.

JR Tokaido>Odakyu Enoshima